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애플 리마인더에 due date 가 없어진건 재앙이다

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Mac OS X

by mz charles May 11, 2015 5:52 PM in response to William Lloyd

Just to back-track & provide some history for everyone:


The older “Reminders” app had Reminders that had BOTH  a Due Date and a Reminder Date. This made sense to me, and was very useful, as, for example, you could set a reminder some time ahead  of, say, when an important task was actually due to be submitted (as in a school paper), or actually due to be completed (as in some task or action) –  In other words, it might be too late to start working on it on the actual Due Date.

Then Apple (in its wisdom ???), removed the Due Date, and simply left the Reminder Date, with the assumption (wrong, I believe, or certainly not as useful), that if you set a reminder sufficiently ahead of your due date, you would know what the actual due date is (or put it in Calendar, or set another Reminder on the actual due date, or some other work-around, etc, etc)


But luckily, I still had some older reminders with both  Due & Reminder dates included, when the change occurred. So, I took one, copied it, & changed its name to “Master Reminder”, which I kept, and now use by copying & pasting it, and changing the text to the new reminder I need.

And, “Eureka!!”, I still have Reminders containing both dates!!

BUT, it’s a real PITA (“Pain In The A…”)

Come on, Apple: this is not  the classy Apple company I’ve been used to using since 1984 !!!  Give us back the Reminders with both the Reminder date and the Due date. I’m not a programmer, but I don’t believe this would be an expensive change to implement.


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